Practioning anthropologists

That is what we call ourselves, because ECOHouse is established by an anthropologist, and we all work with the anthropological methods - it is simply completely basic to us. What exactly does this mean? The subject of social anthropology deals with man as part of a society and a culture and as an active participant in society and culture.

Therefore, the starting point for our work is not a finished theory of how a specific company looks and behaves and how we make it do something else. As anthropologists, we work with a deep and grounded respect for the people and companies we meet. They have developed their organization with their daily lives and culture, which they are largely happy with and have made work. Our job is not to make them look like everyone else.

On the contrary, our task is together with the company and with respect for and knowledge of this particular company's organization and culture to help the company develop a quality management system, ensure that they comply with various legal requirements, translate the Danish Working Environment Authority's requirements into something that makes sense in everyday life, etc. .

That is why we probably also differ from many other advisers and consultants. We do not show up with a standard model that has to be narrowly fitted to any company - regardless of whether it means that a heel or a toe has to be cut to make the company inside the model. And we do not believe that one can solve the challenges or problems of the company by just using the same method that we used yesterday.

On the other hand, of course, we do not arrive to a business without a suitcase of tools and knowledge. But we do not open it until we have listened and gotten a clear picture of the company's culture and organization. It is our experience that too many consulting projects end up with a mediocre result, because it has not been ensured that various standard solutions now also give results and meaning in the individual company.

And for us, results and meaning are absolutely crucial.


Most of our customers have a subscription scheme with us. This means that we are responsible for updating documentation, reporting to authorities among other things. A subscription scheme means that the company, for example, has a quality manager 24 hours a day without paying for more than the time we actually spend. And you do not even have to remember to call us - we keep an eye on all deadlines and make sure things are done.

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