ECOHouse is known because of our general legal databases and news mails. Our databases contain legislation (European and European Union) related to


Occupational health and safety


Building products


Food and food contact materials


Chemical substances and products






Product safety


Environment and sustainability


Domestic installations

We update all databases at least once a month. To do so, we read through more than 80 sources of information. Why so many? Because modern legislation is not solely legislation. Modern legislation consists of guidance documents from authorities, international standards, international agreements, judicial decisions and so on…

As a subscriber to our legal service, you do not receive the total of our many databases and news mails. You receive what is relevant for you – no more, no less. Together with you we make a list of relevant legislation according to your activities and products. You will find the list on the Internet in your personal file in our system. You can write your own notes and comments in the list. Moreover, the list contains explanatory texts that tell you what the legislation is all about in plain English.

As a subscriber you receive once a month a news mail. The mail informs you of changes or new legislation related to your personal list. The news mail contains no legal text. We explain the news or changes and advice what to do in plain English.

Some clients need legislation in other languages or from other markets. ECOHouse delivers for instance list of US legislation to some clients and surveys legislation in Australia and Canada for others.