Compliance Management

Compliance management is a must no matter the size or the industrial sector of a company. The legislative demands are more or less the same for all companies. The only real difference is that large companies possess the money and amount of activities to hire their own, internal experts, whereas smaller companies have to buy the much more expensive external assistance.

ECOHouse has delivered compliance management for large, smaller and tiny companies since 1993. We have developed a variety of tools and methods to be able to deliver compliance management to even very small companies taking into account the economic realities of small companies.

Compliance management is our core competence. From our point of view compliance management consists of:

Identify relevant legislation for the company and its products

Translate relevant legislation to meaningful activities for the company

If necessary: Develop relevant tools and documents in order to ensure that the company

Implement activities, tools and documents together with the company.

After implementation: Follow up to ensure that the company can and do use the new system

In case of non-compliances: Identify the cause and revise the system.

Follow up whenever new or revised legislation is identified.