ECOHouse Academy

Welcome to our training department.

The market for training and courses is huge and unmanageable

On the other hand: It is our experience that the most training is without any real value. Some training is just irrelevant and dull. But it happens that people return to work with tons of new bright ideas. Ideas that disappear within a week or two. Why is that? Maybe the ideas weren’t really relevant or practicable. But if the training was really relevant, the reason for its lack of efficiency is that most people find it difficult to translate theories to actions by themselves.

That is why we rethought our training activities some years ago. Depending on the subject we meet one or more times in the classroom for usually two or three hours. We introduce the subject in class. Afterwards every participant decides how to work with the subject at work. Our job as trainers is to follow up and help the participants to develop and implement their idea or project at their workplace together with that particular workplace.

This means that the work place as such benefits from the investment in individual training.

Our program for 2018 contains the following subjects:

  • Product safety from A to Z
  • Learn to identify toxic people and do something about it
  • CSR – actions and meaning
  • How to write risk assessments
  • Communication without misunderstanding
  • From meetings to action
  • The training program for managers who sometimes wish employees were adults

For program, prices and details: Contact ECOHouse.