Internet-based Tools

There are millions of them. It is easy and simple! But net-based tools are everything from empty sites to complicated systems.

Most internet-based tools require that the customer writes or adapts everything himself.

But our tools are different. Our clients need help. The reason is that our field of activities are difficult for people who spend their time doing other tasks. Thus, all our internet-based tools are tailor-made, ready documents and systems adapted to fit the particular client.

Furthermore, we update all our internet-based services whenever legislation changes or new things happen in the companies that we assist. This might sound obvious, but the Internet contains millions of checklists or templates that are out-dated long time ago.

Now, what does the client have to do? The client has to use the system in everyday life and document the activities. If the client forgets to do so, our system helps us to remind the client.

The Idea is pretty simple: We do the tasks that clients can’t, won’t or do not have time to do. This means: We are in nearly daily contact with some clients while others are able to do most things themselves.